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Curbing Process

We Take Pride In Making Logan, UT a More Beautiful Place With Our Concrete Curbing Work

A Professional Approach For Professional Results

BUZZ CO CURBING, LLC takes the time to map out and fully plan each curbing project. That starts with great communication with our clients to gain full and accurate pictures of the hopes and goals for their concrete curbing. We properly prepare the property, do our work efficiently, then do our best to leave the space in the best condition possible. 

Buzz Co's New Yard Curbing Procedures

When you’re working with concrete, you want to start with a good plan. Notice the scrape marks in soil. This is how I design the layout of curbing. I will take as long as you need to design the perfect layout. Usually I bid and do layouts during evening hours when it’s not so hot and both husband and wife can be presend and decide how they would like it to look. Our turnaround time is probably the best in the business. We usually return to run actual curb the following day.

Buzz Co Curbing's Existing Yard Procedures

I will design your curbing around your existing sprinklers and create that perfect flow, then we prepare the job down to the soil and install the curbing. The day after curbing is installed you may kill off any unwanted weeds or growth on the inside of the curbing and then back fill with compost, bark, or rock etc. In some cases re-leveling on outside of the curbing with a little bit of sand, really evens out the lawn and slightly raises soil line one-half inch. I will provide sand, about one wheel barrel of sand per 100 feet to sweep and level soil along front edge of curb. It heals in a couple of weeks just like sand and seed they use at the golf course.

Cache Valley, Utah Custom Curbing Options

Curb Style Options

We have all the curb style options our Logan, Utah area clients need. We help you understand the utility of the flat, slanted and mower curb style options.

More About Our Curb Style Options

Curb Styles

Color & Pattern Options

Our quality curbing is made of concrete, but our patterns and colors give the look of stone, brick and other popular landscaping materials.

More About Our Curbing Color and Pattern Options

Color & Patterns

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