Buzz Co Curbing Color & Patterns

We make Logan Utah's Concrete curbing beautiful and lasting, too!

Colors & Patterns Add Beauty

BUZZ CO CURBING, LLC customizes each concrete curbing installation we do in Utah’s Cache County. That includes a wonderful palette of colors to choose from. You’re going to love the new look of your property!

Color and Patterns Add A Distinctive Look To Your Logan Property

Color pattern is a unique way to compliment your home. When comparing it to grey curb that seems to look white, it can distract your eye from the rest of your landscape. With color and pattern you get the dark earth tone colors and unique patterns. I know concrete fades, is what you may be thinking, but with a quick 30 minute reseal in the spring time, will make the curbing look darker and more and more classy every time you reseal. Check out our sealer page to see how easy it is to make your curb super classy. Browse our grey portfolio as well.


We Specialize In Decorative Landscape Curbing Color Restoration

My sealing techniques give your curb that brand new look again. No matter what it looks like, it can cheaply and easily be restored to that dark rich color that is even better than new. Usually just by a quick re-seal coat once a year in the spring time makes a huge difference. Spring time in a great time to re-seal because the lawn is all shrunk back and it will spruce up your yard for the coming summer. We also can apply concrete dyes to darken and restore color.

Cache Valley, Utah Custom Curbing Options

Curb Style Options

We have all the curb style options our Logan, Utah area clients need. We help you understand the utility of the flat, slanted and mower curb style options.

More About Our Curb Style Options

Curb Styles

Color & Pattern Options

Our quality curbing is made of concrete, but our patterns and colors give the look of stone, brick and other popular landscaping materials.

More About Our Curbing Color and Pattern Options

Color & Patterns

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