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We have all the curbing style options our Logan, Utah area clients need

Curbing Styles For All Your Needs

BUZZ CO CURBING has all the curbing style options our Cache Valley clients need. Not only that, we also help you understand the utility and use-case scenario of our flat, slanted and mower curb style options.

Slant or Wedge Style

Grey curb is perfect for get it done and save some cash. It may seem a little boring, but it still looks great and is easy on the budget too! A couple great things about grey... it is just as strong, requires no sealer, holds the bark in your flower beds and keeps the weeds out. Of course, for a little more we can add some color to the wedge style curb.

Mower Style

The mower became very popular when curbing first started, and was very common in the 80’s. I have found it really does not mow any easier then slant or block, but it does have a unique look. It cannot be patterned because it does not have a flat surface to apply pattern with rolling techniques.I think its a little out of style and less contemporary however there are perfect situations for it and we love installing it too.

Block Curb

Block curbing is a little bigger, flat on top uses 30% more material. It looks more commercial and high end. It can be colored and patterned or plain grey. It tends to not stand out as much as you would think. I like how soil line can be 1-2 inches below top edge on lawn side and tends to hold grass blades back and tidy as you may notice in some of the photos in this section.

Straight Lines

Straight lines can be difficult, every low or high spot on the yard shows up in a huge way. Even a half inch elevation change over a five to ten foot length, even if it settles or shifts ever so slightly will be noticeable. Subtle flowing lines will always look nicer for longer due to ever so slight so shifting or settling will not show up. I do run great straight lines as you will notice in the photos, but they do require a little more prep on the grading or leveling.

Cache Valley, Utah Custom Curbing Options

Curb Style Options

We have all the curb style options our Logan, Utah area clients need. We help you understand the utility of the flat, slanted and mower curb style options.

More About Our Curb Style Options

Curb Styles

Color & Pattern Options

Our quality curbing is made of concrete, but our patterns and colors give the look of stone, brick and other popular landscaping materials.

More About Our Curbing Color and Pattern Options

Color & Patterns

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