Logan, Utah Xeriscaping

Your Logan, Utah Yard Can Still Look Fantastic While Also Being Water Wise

Concrete Curbing Frames Your Xeriscaping Spaces

A great painting can look great all by itself, but add the right frame and it is even more spectacular. That’s what concrete curbing can do for your xeriscaping and other spaces in your yard. BUZZ CO CURBING, LLC is on a mission to frame Logan, Utah’s landscaping masterpieces one yard at a time!

Cut Down Your Water Use and Save Some Money, Too

Xeriscaping is a great way to get rid of some of your sprinklers. Some ideas are a play area and future raised garden box site. You’ll never again have to drag your trampoline back and forth when you mow. You can also convert existing sprinklers to drip lines for shrubs, garden boxes, etc. Utah is a desert and water can be an issue. I like curbing a pathway around the yard, leading to different areas like small patio with a trellis or koi pond or maybe a fire pit. If you use a good amount of fill and lay down plastic or weed barrier maintenance can be as easy as spraying weed killer when the weeds try to come up. Read up on round up and grass killers there not as bad as you might think.


Cache Valley, Utah Custom Curbing Options

Curb Style Options

We have all the curb style options our Logan, Utah area clients need. We help you understand the utility of the flat, slanted and mower curb style options.

More About Our Curb Style Options

Curb Styles

Color & Pattern Options

Our quality curbing is made of concrete, but our patterns and colors give the look of stone, brick and other popular landscaping materials.

More About Our Curbing Color and Pattern Options

Color & Patterns

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